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Ulla Sonne, studio ceramist

Unique utility items made from high-fired clay has been my field through the first 40 years of my life as a ceramist. But since 2016 I have also made items in porcelain and fired them using a wood fired kiln.

My work reflects the way we eat, and enjoy, absorb, and remember.
The utensils often originate in my own need for staging and displaying our meals.
Often I imagine various food items occupying my bowls, mugs, plates, and pitchers. I want them to welcome the food.

As they are all unique works they are constantly subtly changing shape and colour. I develop them by playing and fantasizing - and working hard. And I allow myself to exaggerate my ideas and test even the repulsive. This is my field and it develops my courage.

PS: From time to time I send out a newsletter in Danish telling little stories and showing pictures of what I do. If you want to hear more, just fill out the form below.