Curriculum Vitae

Educational Background

Graduated from the Copenhagen School of Crafts (Ceramics major), including a year’s extra credit working with single and double moldings of porcelain in cooperation with the school’s department of furniture design
Studied under ceramist Lone Munkgaard

Selected exhibitions

2009 Mons, Belgium, World Craft Council European Prize
2005 Frida (Gallery), Southern Sweden
2001 Cheongju International Crafts Biennale, South Korea
1994 Nørby (Gallery)
1993 Hiroshima and Tokyo, Japan
1992 Gammel Strand (Gallery)
1990 Rundetårn, censored exhibit
1988 Helligåndshuset, censored exhibit
1984 & 85 The Danish Museum of Industrial Art (award-winning designs)
1982 & 83 Charlottenborg’s Spring exhibit

Awards and grants

2012 & 13 Nominee for the Svendborg City Cultural Award
2009 Nominee for the World Craft Council European Prize
1992 Received work grant from the Federal Danish Art Trust, awarded to allow me to further develop my work in earthenware ceramics.
1985 Awarded the Craft Award of 1879 (silver) for my line of prawn bowls
1984 Awarded the Craft Award of 1879 (bronze) for my line of lidded bowls and my butter cooler design

Positions of trust

2019: Chairwoman of the regional branch of the Danish Artisans and Designers Association
Initiator and curator for the exhibition Nordlys
2012 & 13:
Initiator and chairwoman of the CRA-S arts and crafts exhibit
2010 & 12: Travel guide for groups travelling to Oman
2007-:  Initiator of the Svendborg Latin Quarter initiative


Member of the Danish Artisan’s Association since 1979
Member of Svendborg Art Council until 2017
Chairwoman of the CRA-S arts and crafts exhibit

Solo Exhibits

2005 From Beachcombing to Design 3
In connection with the grand opening of Lyngby Municipal Library’s new Cultural Annex, I showcased my latest drafts and works, alongside some fascinating objects found in nature, in a beautiful space with amazing lighting and fascinating architectonic additions. The space and display cases came together to tell a story about development and the creative process, from the discovery of seemingly insignificant seashells to their influence on the creation of a whole series of ceramic design.
2004 From Beachcombing to Design 2
The Mall of Lyngby’s board of directors invited me to create and stage an imagining space at the mall… I designed a 40 m2 impression room containing prints several metres long, all displaying structural images from my travels to Oman. These also served as dividers, creating an atmosphere of wonder. My ceramic works, aquariums inhabited by schools of fish, conch shell displays, argonaut egg cases and other beachcombing treasures created a sensorial and intimate experience, that was very well received by the mall’s visitors.
2003 From Beachcombing to Design 1: 
The Argonaut of Oman and other tales
In the heart of the National Oceanarium, I showcased my latest designs after studying and beachcombing in Oman. Sketches, aquarelles og little clay models, intermixed with the finished pieces, were arranged for display in wonderful unison in empty aquaria and a huge, specially designed display case; fish shaped and built from curved glass. Even the sea turtles very busy experiencing every time they swam by.

Field Trips

2018: Palau
Egypt (6 trips)
1999-2015 Oman (10 trips)
2009 New Zealand
1979 Southern Spain. Studied Moorish shingles and tiles at Alhambra
1975-76 The Middle East, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Nepal


2017: Initiator and curator for the exhibition Nordlys at the Art Museum in Svendborg. It is held in December and takes place in darkness, with just a faint light inside or near the objects.
I found a counterpart to the crafts fair of Copenhagen’s Our Lady’s Square. The new crafts fair is named CRA-S and takes place in mid July at the main square of Svendborg.
Along with my husband, graphics designer Sten Georg, I develop the Latin Quarter concept and gather like-minded people for the purpose of creating more awareness about the area.
I relocate to Svendborg and reestablish my workshop, boutique and gallery in my new surroundings.
I participate in the Copenhagen Culture Festival with an joint exhibition at the venue Officinet in Bredgade, in cooperation with knitting designer and Oman travel buddy Lone Bullinger.
Joint exhibition at Illum’s Design Warehouse in connection with the Copenhagen Culture Festival, in collaboration with glass designer Bente Sonne.
Development of a series of uniques, that fantasized over shapes and moods related to the ocean: Shark eggs, argonauts, sea urchins and ray eggs.This becomes part of a theme for a series of exhibits; recounting the story of the process ”From Beachcombing to Design”.
The first of 8 trips to Oman. The country’s 1500 kilometres of coastline is one long saga of life, death, change and unsolved mysteries. The tide leaves behind its victims and secrets, and that’s the story that gets me interested.
I designed a series of commissioned items for both individuals and businesses. I was very fascinated by the concept of “tailoring” dinnerware to the user, and it spurred my interest in the communication between designer and design user.
Designing a set of sushi-dinnerware for one of Denmark’s first sushi bars in the town of Charlottenlund.
Guest student at the School of Crafts for approximately 3-4 months, wherein I developed a new type of non-toxic glaze for crafts etc. At the time, adding lead to glazes was common practice; especially in the case of ceramics, as it results in a nice, warm colour and surface texture. I managed to develop a lead free glaze with similar properties, and I’ve been using that ever since.
I relocate my workshop, production process and home to Kgs. Lyngby
Member of Danish Artisans’ censorship council.
Workshop in Sankt Pedersstræde of Copenhagen, where I originally started designing and producing small sets of craft items made from high-fired clay. The sets were carried in a host of boutiques, including Artium, Illum’s Design Warehouse, Brøste, Den Permanente Eksport and several outlets throughout Norway.