Shark’s Egg Dish

This is my attempt at creating a dish that captures the drama expressed in the shape of the shark’s egg capsule. These capsules are equipped with tendrils in both ends, which catch unto seaweed and other eggs and help the capsules form clusters on the ocean floor.

The partially transparent structure betrays the egg’s construction as one of a series of vertical ‘beams’ or ‘fibres’, that help stabilize and strengthen the capsule.

I’ve integrated this construction principle i my shark’s egg dishes, both in terms of the decorating and in terms of utilizing a thickened rim to help stabilize and strengthen the ceramic version.
Besides being decorative, the dish makes an interesting vessel for the serving of e.g. shellfish, or, in the case of the smaller dishes, an inviting display piece for delicacies such as caviar.

Each dish is individually sculpted by hand, and the colours and decorations used are constantly evolving. Much like their natural counterparts, their appearance therefore vary a lot from specimen to specimen.

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