Dripping Bowl

  • 10. November 2017

The dripping bowl was designed to answer the need for a bowl that was usable as a serving bowl for salads and foods in general, while also being excellent for dishes that you don’t want soaking in their own juices, such as unshelled shrimps and fruit.
The bowl comes with a seperate grate that rests on a ledge on the inside of the bowl. The bowls are fully glazed, making them usable both with or without the grate.
The first incarnation of the bowl was blue with a shrimp motif. I’ve since started producing it in a variety of colours and designs.
The shrimp bowl awarded me the silver Danish Crafts Design Award in 1984

Available in 3 sizes:
Small (15X8,5 cm): 475.- DKK
Medium (21X11,5 cm): 700.- DKK
Large (25X13,5 cm): 1100.- DKK