Ulla on film

Sammen med Signe Ryge i værkstedet

Silent movies in the boutique

At the boutique here in Svendborg I keep a little video running, displaying how I craft a conch mug. The movie has no sound, as it is designed for displaying in the boutique.
You can also watch it on the techniques page on this website.

A one-on-one

During the Spring of 2013, I was contacted by Signe Ryge from Danish tv-station TV2 Fyn, who wanted to come by my boutique and do a half hour piece on me.

It was recorded in March and broadcast shortly thereafter. In order to show my work process in as much detail as possible, we agreed that I were to demonstrate the crafting of one of my sea urchins.
I therefore made a series of sea urchins, each illustrating a separate stage of the process towards a finished urchin. It’s hard to deny that being ‘on’ for 28 minutes straight is a bit of a challenge, having to work your trade while simultaneously accounting for the thoughts and considerations that have gone into the designs.

While making sure you cover all the important points and don’t stall…The result is available for free at TV2 Fyn’s website and is absolutely worth watching. (In danish without subtitles).