Souvenir Jars

  • 10. November 2017

As a child, I was very fascinated with the concept of conch shells glued to finely wrought boxes. These boxes were made with great care and love. Later on, the souvenir industry has ruined the original atmosphere and experience by introducing a more stereotypical product instead.

In recent years, my discoveries while beachcombing have inspired me to revisit the old souvenir tradition, resulting in a new “souvenir” with some of the charm and innocence of the original product.

In designing these jars I’ve played around with the concept, resulting in a jar that is in itself a conch shell. In designing the grip on the lid, I’ve had fun recreating seashells in clay and decorating them naturalistically. The end result is a series of jars that challenge traditional notions of “good taste”. The jars also work well as vases, with the lid lying next to them as an extra decorative piece.

Prices ranging from: 750,- DKK