Operculum Plate

  • 10. November 2017

A few years back, I found a beautiful little “rock” with a spiral pattern on a beach in Oman. I couldn’t initially identify it, but my gut told me that I’d found “something”.

Many years later, I saw a piece of jewelry featuring a similar “rock” and learned that it was a so-called “operculum”… This strange word refers to the cover that conch shells develop on their soft bodies and then use to seal off the entrance to their shells when they retract into it. I like to refer to it as a “conch shell door”.

My recently designed plates, made to go well with my conch shell cups, are inspired by this “door”. The tight geometry of the spiral and the thin, uneven edge of the plate give off the exact impression of crispness that originally attracted me to the object.

Price per plate: 275.- DKK