Conch Shell Cup

  • 10. November 2017

The conch shell cup is a personal cup that fits the user’s hand well

It’s important to choose your own personal cup, and it should be exactly the one that fits your hand the best!

The conch shell cup was conceived when I was one day holding a large conch shell, pondering its shape. Prehistoric humans used these shells as containers for beverages, suitable for setting down in the sand, but impossible to put down on any other surface.

It was therefore an interesting challenge for me to see if I could preserve the beautiful twists and appealing shapes, while still designing a practical and universally usable cup.

The conch shell cup is an excellent example of throwing techniques; by using a small metal tool, I impress the unique outline of the conch shell i the smooth clay body of the cup. By constantly varying the motifs and colours of each design, I’m able to create a finished cup that’s truly unique.

Price: 195.- DKK. Also available in porcelain priced at 240.- DKK