Yoga Cup

  • 10. November 2017

A yoga cup for that little sip

My wonderful friend, Ulla Steen, runs her own yoga studio, Studio Flow. Her classes start at 7 AM, and she wanted to offer her students a little ‘pick-me-up’ - a cup of herbal tea.
The challenge was designing a handy little cup with an exterior that invited the viewer to have a cup of tea while the yogi prepares for class in the studio.
The solution was a plump, round cup that’s part of a whole flock of different colours and stylized decorations, enabling you to choose exactly the colour combination, you feel like drinking from today.
The size is of great importance; it shouldn’t be able to contain enough to completely fill your bladder. The rim has been wrought outwards, enabling it to rest between two fingers without scalding the user with the hot tea.
When the last drops have been drunk, you can flip it over…no, wait until it’s EMPTY… and smile at the flower at the bottom of the cup – have a nice day!
And don’t forget that it’s easy to find your cup again after class for an extra sip of tea after class, provided that you remember the colour combination. They’re all unique.
And it goes without saying that they’re also useful for other things beside herbal tea: Spices, dipping sauces, espresso etc.

Price per cup: 150.- DKK